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Are You Getting Ready To Make Much More Money In 2009?


Announcement: Special Pre-Launch Conference Call Saturday 3rd January 2009 (Details below)


Another year in, another year out…

For the ’09, how many of us are right now wondering just what they’re gonna do in these shady times to actually make a lot more money on the regular than we have been for the past year?

No doubt some of you are so inclined to seek out the no-brainer, easy-entry opportunities which don’t ask you for $200 or $500 to step up and work it.

Not even $97…or $9…

Or even $1

How about starting 2009 with the first company built exclusively for people who market online, one with beneficial products we can use in our businesses?

Such as for email marketing, webinar tools, audio/video content creation, etc; making for the most intergrated marketing tool to hit the internet years?

What if this company has a pedigree of some of the biggest internet marketing millionaires – and Simon Grabowski,  the CEO of GetResponse behind it?

And that people are signing up right now for $0.00 every 10 seconds?

Well, if you’re fast on finding out you’d better do so before next week…

Because Web Prosperity is in Pre-Launch until Launch on Tuesday 6th January 2009

This is not one to sleep on.

FastAction will reward those people who invest in Web Prosperity for their online businesses right now.

See why right now and let me know what you think.


Special Pre-Launch Conference Call (Short – 20 Minutes Long)

Saturday 3rd January 2009 8AM PST (11:00 EST)

Dial-In Number: (001) 303-664-6045

Conference ID: 9615287#

Call in early to hear WebProsperity Founder & Chief Spokesperson David D’Arcangelo lay out what’s on offer



An X-Treme Challenge: So, How Do You Create A Money-Making Online Business In 4 Days?

You’ve probably heard it said at least 100 times: how anyone — even you — from any walk of life can get an internet business up & running in a matter of days.

Some say that making money online is actually very easy but there is a difference between making pennies per hour or dollars per hour of work.

Some people may only be making pennies and are sick of it already…

Like one allegedly frustrated blogger who has challenged one of the world’s top online business experts to actually prove it himself for all to see.

Well, Derek Gehl of The Internet Marketing Center (IMC) has gamely decided to take up the blogger’s X-Treme Internet Business Challenge and let you freely watch him Live on Video between Monday April 21st – Thursday 24th 2008, as he starts from scratch with:

No Business Idea – No Product – No Website – No Customer List and No Traffic

and turn his own personal hobby into money-making business.

Just as his team at IMC have done for hundreds of other regular people for more than 10 years, helping them earn annual incomes of $20,000, $100,000 and more. Look at their Marketing Tips website and you’ll learn how they turned a $25 investment into a $60m online marketing empire in just a few short years. It is now said that any person Derek helps has been able to achieve success and financial freedom they’d never dreamt of before via internet marketing. Many people go to Derek’s seminars and listen to him speak because of his track record of being able to help anyone who starts a venture in the internet world become successful.

While having one of the best paying, highest converting affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche, they are renowned for their educational products on all the major topics like SEO, EBooks, eBay and email marketing. Under Derek’s direction the IMC is continuing in its unrivaled marketing success, just as it did with the late Corey Rudl at the helm.

Now, for those wondering “How’s this guy gonna prove you can build a profitable business that puts money in your pocket in such a short time?”, we can mark our calendars for April 21st–24th 2008 and watch carefully at every last step Derek shows on this Free X-Treme Challenge Video Course as he brings to bear all he has learned and taught. To aid him on this, Derek will be using BeBiz, a step-by-step system newly-developed by IMC which promises to take our hands and walk us through the entire business-building process.

Whether he succeeds or not, this Challenge will certainly be an eye-opening chance to see for ourselves just how reachable and possible the so-called “Internet Lifestyle” really is.

World Internet Summit UK ’07 – It Was Here & It Was Good!

WIS-UK 2007: The Room

Finally, I’ve experienced the WIS UK ’07 in Earls’ Court’s Conference Centre and I must say it’s been pretty intensive compared to last year’s at Wembley.

Some of the 400+ other delegates problably had brain hemorrhages from all the foundational data that was laid on them during Newbies Day by Brett McFall on the Internet ABCs, Tim Brocklehurst on his MyViralSpiral system for big-time listbuilding, Shaune Clarke and his excercise for us on The Big Why behind us coming here seeking to make money online – Our VISION.

BTW, good to bump into Ms TheMoneyGym.com herself,
Nicola Cairncross
, again.

WIS-UK 2007: Me & Nicola Cairncross

If I recall correctly, she told me she’s trying to get things sorted for the DVD version of her Book
(I’ll check back on this). This is her 4th WIS and one of her latest emails tells of people asking her:

“Why do you keep going to it?”

In effect, she says it’s because there’s always something new to learn.
Which is especially true in online marketing.


I’d like to thank Tracy Repchuk for personally signing me up for her email course on building an online business, owing to some previous tech hitch (Cheers!). She also did the first presentation on Saturday where among other things, she addressed the question of what you are willing to do to get the success/desire/goal you want. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get this internet business thing going proper in your life? Because that’s what she did. That’s us below:

Me & Tracy Repchuk


As for Shaune Clarke and the World Internet Challenge…

WIS-UK 2007: Me & Shaune Clarke

His “Grapevine Guru/Wine Expert Interview Audio Series” project ended up producing some interesting results over the Summit’s 4 days. We watched his AdWords stats after he launched the campaign, heard how he made tweaks to the salespage copy and Google Ads etc…it came to earning around $27,000 by the Sunday if recall is correct.

However, it was his Saturday presentation which made him that weekend…

He went into his back-story and all it’s challenges in explaining the need to remember the Reason we were individually at the Event for these 4 days. What were we looking to do in our lives through learning how to make money online? What are our Missions? Our VISIONS?

Had to take time to think and write it out. Will you do the same?


Glad to have met Rick Raddatz again after he talked about what you need both mentally and technically to automate your online business, seeing as he both creates Real Businesses and would tell people if they’re full of crap (in a nice way). He also tells us that success in business is about Re-Investing in Yourself to Make Yourself More Connected.


WIS-UK 2007: Me & Tim Brocklehurst

Tim Brocklehurst’s MyViralSpiral list-building system might have caused some of the most scratched heads over the weekend. True, on first glance or listen it may be difficult to follow for some newbies. Most probably why he held a unscheduled Follow-Up session the next evening to take people through it. What seemed clear to me is that for faster buzz-creating and pass-around potential for an ebook in any niche, this system looks like one of the best I’ve seen.
As an aside, Brett twice asked everyone “Doesn’t he look like a dashing man?”.

Check our pic above and decide for yourself.


Mike Stewart showed everyone how easy it is to create & add Audio and Video to your webpage. Those 2 things have emerged as a new currency in converting site visitors into customers in this Web 2.0 age. Mike also showed off a FlashDisk-VidCam device you can use in creating your content
(can’t recall the name at present)

He let me snap us with it:

WIS-UK 2007: Me & Mike Stewart with Gadget

I’ll look up the Sony MiniDV Tape camera he mentioned
as one of the cheapest around.


WIS-UK 2007: Me & Brett McFall
Brett Mcfall also took us through The 5 Laws Of Marketing Success:

1: Respect
2: Uniqueness
3: Irresistibilty
4: Results
5: Value

This was an eye-opening session you should watch once the DVDs of the Event are released.
I’ll keep you updated as to when they’ll be ready.


Adam Ginsberg told us about selling on EBay and using it as a marketing channel to build your opt-in list. His second session took us into how using MySpace and its social networking power to have your product or service reach potentially thousands of highly-targeted people in your market.

WIS-UK 2007: Me & Adam Ginsberg

Well, seeing as MySpace is #5 in the Top 500 visited sites with 180,000 people joining up each day (you can add up to 400 new “Friends” to your MySpace page – or MSP – on that basis) I can see how this can be very helpful.

Speaking of MySpace Pages, Adam had Nicola Cairncross volunteer her own as a case study. He seemed little perplexed when she told him her Page is all “pimped out”.

He’d never heard that description for a MSP before.

It’d be interesting to see how people optimize their MSPs using Adam’s new MySpaceProfitMaker service once it’s released in 2008.


Got a $2 bill off of Sean Roach who encouraged everyone to “Get Off Your Duff” and get your online business action going, after developing your SKOPOS (Greek: Target/Mark/Goal) for what your business will be.


The most colourful character on that weekend was Alan Forrest Smith, with new kilt and all and presentation covering the Sales Copy Basics and, briefly, Next Level Copywriting – something he’s clearly excited about for the value it’ll give to business owners and copywriters.


His Sean Roach story was as humorous as it was slightly disturbing (involved darkness and strange noises…)

Still, the Big Takeaways from him were the 10-Second Decision Area (where readers decide whether to read your salesletter past the headline) and that when your copy is captivating, prospects will read until the end of the salesletter – no matter how long it is.

Gonna study his copy for Mark Anastasi’s EBookCashSystem to check how it all flows, and am interested in his Non-Comformist Copywriting Workshops so as to learn and apply this most valuable skill for my business.

That all just covers some of what I experienced over those 4 days.
For the rest, read on…


WIS-UK 2007: The Speakers’ Final Address

The Summit ended with the Speakers summarizing their messages for us all, with one resounding constant:


Oh, and:


Practically have to tattoo the above in glow-in-the-dark ink inside your eyelids to remind yourself as you return to the Regular World (this weekend was no less Real), let alone pin it to your wall, bathroom mirror, fridge door etc.


Earlier I mentioned the DVDs of this Event which should be ready in about 8 weeks after filming’s been edited.

So I’ll let you know when they’re definitely set to come out so you can grab yourself the Next Best Thing to having been in that Conference Room in Earl’s Court. Repeated viewing will help you cement what was given to us.

Until then, people, take care.