An X-Treme Challenge: So, How Do You Create A Money-Making Online Business In 4 Days?

You’ve probably heard it said at least 100 times: how anyone — even you — from any walk of life can get an internet business up & running in a matter of days.

Some say that making money online is actually very easy but there is a difference between making pennies per hour or dollars per hour of work.

Some people may only be making pennies and are sick of it already…

Like one allegedly frustrated blogger who has challenged one of the world’s top online business experts to actually prove it himself for all to see.

Well, Derek Gehl of The Internet Marketing Center (IMC) has gamely decided to take up the blogger’s X-Treme Internet Business Challenge and let you freely watch him Live on Video between Monday April 21st – Thursday 24th 2008, as he starts from scratch with:

No Business Idea – No Product – No Website – No Customer List and No Traffic

and turn his own personal hobby into money-making business.

Just as his team at IMC have done for hundreds of other regular people for more than 10 years, helping them earn annual incomes of $20,000, $100,000 and more. Look at their Marketing Tips website and you’ll learn how they turned a $25 investment into a $60m online marketing empire in just a few short years. It is now said that any person Derek helps has been able to achieve success and financial freedom they’d never dreamt of before via internet marketing. Many people go to Derek’s seminars and listen to him speak because of his track record of being able to help anyone who starts a venture in the internet world become successful.

While having one of the best paying, highest converting affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche, they are renowned for their educational products on all the major topics like SEO, EBooks, eBay and email marketing. Under Derek’s direction the IMC is continuing in its unrivaled marketing success, just as it did with the late Corey Rudl at the helm.

Now, for those wondering “How’s this guy gonna prove you can build a profitable business that puts money in your pocket in such a short time?”, we can mark our calendars for April 21st–24th 2008 and watch carefully at every last step Derek shows on this Free X-Treme Challenge Video Course as he brings to bear all he has learned and taught. To aid him on this, Derek will be using BeBiz, a step-by-step system newly-developed by IMC which promises to take our hands and walk us through the entire business-building process.

Whether he succeeds or not, this Challenge will certainly be an eye-opening chance to see for ourselves just how reachable and possible the so-called “Internet Lifestyle” really is.


One response to “An X-Treme Challenge: So, How Do You Create A Money-Making Online Business In 4 Days?

  1. nice article thanks for the tip

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