The World Internet Summit 2008 in Australia: Will Future Summits Follow Its Success?

The 2007 World Internet Summit held in United Kingdom was a huge success. Judging on the number of participants, the enthusiasm that they demonstrated, and the overwhelming number of success stories from the attendees, it can be said that the summit served its purpose. It was a meeting of great minds and eager learners. And with the recent World Internet Summit 2008 held in Sydney, Australia on March 13-16, one question still hangs: will the next Summit be as successful as these prior ones?

Over the course of the 4-day Sydney event, renowned UK copywriter Alan Forrest Smith underwent the special World Internet Challenge where he created a fund-raising campaign for The Pachamama Alliance, an Amazon Rainforest charity; all done live on stage in front of a 450-strong captive audience. The aim was to raise $100,000.00 by the close of the Summit through donations made online on a designated website.

After showing the audience every step behind the campaign, Mr Forrest Smith recently reported that over $53,958.00 was achieved by that final Sunday evening.

The official website of the World Internet Summit entices participants by promising that right after their attendance, these people are going to be given a chance to literally make thousands of dollars right after the seminar! It is an amazing promise to make and the world of online businesses has yet to make its verdict.

For some, this could be too good to be true but for the organizers, this is highly achievable. Those who attended for 4 straight days were given licenses that would allow them to sell 2 products that haven’t been introduced on any market before. The organizers also promised that the system will be spoon-fed to the attendees which would make them worthy to immediately sell the products. Again, just like in 2007, they aim to do stuff that other events could only dream to achieve.

The 2008 summit taught the basics of internet marketing and why practically anyone would be able to make money online. Many people all over the globe have taken advantage of this great opportunity and they have fired their bosses just because they already can! This seminar promises to produce many more housewives, students, and ex-office workers who will be earning more than they have ever imagined.

The key speakers at the World Internet Summit Australia 2008 included: Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Adam Ginsberg, Ewen Chia, Alan Forrest Smith, Tim Brocklehurst, and Tracy Repchuk (who made close to $100,000 in her first 3 months alone).

The list of topics that attendees experienced included the following:

1. Steps on creating a web page (from zero to the final touches)
2. How to decide on what products to sell online.
3. How a traditional business (or an offline business) can also be transformed into an online success.
4. How to sell physical and information products on the Internet.
5. How to establish overseas market opportunities.
6. The creation of information products that is sure to make a 99% profit from Day 1.
7. How to hunt for public domain products and make a profit out of them.
8. The basics of product creation and how to sell them on the Internet.

The organizers further promised that the participants will surely meet only the best people (those who earn $10,000,000 annually for putting into practice what they teach other people). Attendees also walked away with gifts such as VIP tickets to 5 other events similar to the Summit.

The fee for the World Internet Summit Austrlia 2008 is $997. Looking at all the opportunities for growth that these experts are offering, what is a small price of below a thousand dollars when compared to what you might be earning in just a few days! Just think about it – being your own boss while sitting on hundreds (if not thousands) of bucks.

For more information about the 2007 event –


One response to “The World Internet Summit 2008 in Australia: Will Future Summits Follow Its Success?

  1. Great post Dean, and promotion of WIS events. They made all the difference to my new career as an internet marketer and platform speaker – your life can literally change in months. If you see a World Internet Summit in your area – get there!
    Tracy Repchuk – Marketing Makeover Maestro
    Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles available at

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